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Why work with me? In July of 2015, following a very hectic couple of years something finally snapped in me and it changed everything! Who I was, my relationships, my business, my coaching and my message!

I was exhausted and nothing was working, I was gaining weight, my workouts were leaving me shattered, I had to give up teaching my spin and bootcamp classes, I was waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing.

I was an emotional wreck and it had to stop!

But “it” wasn’t going to stop until I did.

I was about 3 minutes into another punishing workout I had dragged myself to when my brain finally received the message my body had so desperately been trying to get through, for a long time… STOP – Enough is Enough!

I had become all of the things I had been warning women about, I had ignored all the signs and it had left me on my knees!

This was the beginning of a long journey, a journey where I had to really look at my life, how I was living, how I was kidding myself and what I needed to do about it. It meant a complete overhaul.

The weight gain and fatigue were the worst. I gained a stone in 6 months and it just wouldn’t shift.

It’s tough watching clients lose weight and working out when you are struggling to even demonstrate the simplest of exercises!

To get myself better I had to dig deep. I knew this wasn’t just about a diet, I knew that what was holding me back was deeper than eating too much chocolate.

I looked closer at hormones, I studied gut health, I looked at the most effective diets and how to maintain them, I had some coaching sessions, I looked closely at my relationships and my lack of connection to the world around me.

I began to protect my time more and started using the word no. I started practising mindfulness and using meditation, although, I also went down a few misleading rabbit holes!

But, today I feel fantastic, better than I have in years, which is crazy, because I used to think I was doing OK!

What I have learned is that just because it is common to feel exhausted, emotional and sluggish, it’s not normal!

The last 18 months have been invaluable to me, so now I am sharing it with the women I work with and I want to share my lessons with you too.

Especially if you are one of the many women I see who are treading water, as I was. I want to show you how to effectively manage stress, your health and all of the demands the 21st century makes on 40+ women because, if you are treading water, as I was and a wave hits (divorce, death of a loved one, house moving, redundancy or just the end of the road) then you could find yourself drowning.

Work with me and I can help you to develop your personal plan to lose weight, gain energy and feel back in the driving seat of your wonderful life!

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