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Who Else Struggles With Cooking Daily? My Top Tips here…

I don’t know about you, but there are some nights when I just hate cooking, even more so with the recent hot weather!

Especially those nights when everyone is coming and going & I have nothing planned. Truth is, I don’t HATE cooking, I just struggle with fitting it into my busy life.

So here are my best tips for cooking clean without losing your mind! 

Take the pain out of it and have a plan. We have to make 1000’s of decisions every day and by the time we walk in the door, tired & hungry we are likely to make the wrong decision.

Once a week take 10 minutes to plan the menu for the week ahead, then do an online shop so you know you have everything you need to hand.

Have a cook up and if you’re like me and find yourself buying beautiful veggies that end up at the back of the fridge, have a chop up too!

Put a few hours aside for a cooking session. I put on my tunes, pour myself a glass of Kombucha (a delicious fizzy probiotic drink that looks like wine but is giving your gut a delicious dose of good bacteria!) and away I go.

I make a large salad (or pan of soup in the winter), so that everyone has something to dive into when they come in the door.

I make a batch or two of Egg and Bacon Muffins (a great breakfast or snack to shove in a teen’s mouth as they fly out!)

I chop up a few chicken breasts, add some spices and fry them up ready to add to salads or a stir fry for a quick protein boost – I often do a few salmon or trout fillets too.

I boil up a load of eggs, for high protein snacking and topping.

I chop my veggies and store in air tight containers – cut my parsnips into chips, my sweet potatoes into wedges, julienne courgettes ready for courgetti and I grate a cauliflower, fry that up with an egg, some turmeric and spring onion to make a great savoury rice alternative.

Finally, I roast a chicken or chicken wings, shred the meat off for that night’s meal and then add in some veggies and simmer to make a delicious broth (full of healing vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants – great for looking after the gut and keeping you looking young – the collagen is great for wrinkles! Phew!

My fridge is then rammed full of ready-to-grab goodies! 

Lastly, I love my slow cooker, especially in the winter! I do curries, chillis, stews and bone broths. There is nothing better than walking in after a hard day to the smell of a clean cooked meal that’s ready to go – heaven!

So ladies…..what ya got cooking?

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