WATCH OUT! Strength Training has SERIOUS Side Effects!

Hit the gym in the afternoon yesterday, it was a much younger crowd. More crop tops, spray tans and a lot more flesh.

I felt out of place, the guys were literally strutting like cockerels around the weights area…AKA MY area!

Nothing like the mornings where we all have a little chat and a laugh at ourselves, this was VERY serious, smouldering looks and testosterone all over the show…

And me in the middle, lifting weights and grunting!

Had to be done, my strength training is just way too important at my stage of life, AKA….peri-menopause.

I’m reading a lot about peri-menopause and menopause at the moment and how this exciting time needs a new paradigm shift, more about slowing down the ageing process, less about looking good on the beach.

It’s in our late 20’s / early 30’s we start to degenerate quicker than we regenerate, especially where our muscles and bones are concerned.

We hit peak bone mass about 25-30 and then after that we will lose about 38% from there over our lifetime.
(Men only lose an average of 23%).

We start to lose it in our late 30’s and it accelerates as we get to peri-menopause and our oestrogen levels start to drop, continuing until about 5 years after menopause, when it slows right down.

This leaves us prone to osteoporosis, especially if we have poor bone quality from factors such as nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, too little vitamin D and too much insulin to start with.

According to numerous studies, weight training doesn’t just slow down bone degeneration, but can reverse it.
You need to be careful because Strength Training has side-effects…

In one study a group of women (55+) who did 40 mins weights 2x a week for a year turned their body clock back so:
They had the strength of women in their late 30’s
They lost weight WITHOUT dieting, 
They improved their balance, 
They GAINED 1% bone mass, doesn’t sound like much but those in the sedentary group LOST another 2%.

But the biggest change?

They reported feeling happier, more energised, more self-confident, more active and daring!

I have seen this time and time again, you just cannot beat the empowerment of being able to do a press up, it
literally lifts the spirit!

How often are you lifting weights?

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