Want Abs? Ditch The Crunches and Try These!

If you want abs you need to ditch the crunches and try these exercises!

If you have been keeping up to date with this week’s posts, you’ll know real flat tummy results come from clean nutrition, effective workouts, stress management and sleep.

I thought I would round up the week by sharing with you 3 of my favourite ab exercises that we use at camp, backed up with a boring sciencey bit!

To be honest we don’t really spend much time working on six-packs at BABEs, we concentrate on losing fat all over the body, tummies and muffin tops included!

We don’t do many crunches as they only work one muscle – the rectus abdominus, a muscle that can often already be tight due to over use of computers and sitting at desks.

Over working this muscle with crunches can cause tightness down the front of the trunk, exasperating postural problems and backaches.

Bad posture can add pounds to your frame!  Giving you the appearance of being bigger with a protruding stomach!

Crunches WILL NOT flatten your stomach (performed incorrectly, as they so often are, they can actually cause your belly to protrude!)

By training the torso as a whole we can improve posture, reduce pain and flatten the stomach.

The TVA (transverse abdomins) is the body’s corset. It goes around the stomach area, primarily to compress your vital organs and stabilise the spine and pelvis.

If we train this muscle to hold taught it will stop those organs flopping out, avoiding that pot belly women often have. This is especially true after child birth.

So try these three core exercises instead of your crunches and see how you get on!

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