The Truth About Slim People

Did you watch Wednesday’s channel 4 program, The Truth About Slim People?

It followed two slim people who ate whatever they liked, when they liked.

Neither went to a gym or had ever dieted!

The main points were that naturally slim people don’t diet, they move more; self-regulate their calorie intake and rarely snack.

They cooked mostly from scratch, rarely ate out or had takeaways.

Both subjects self-regulated their calorie intake, without even realising it. If they over ate one day they would under eat the next, without even trying!

They hardly snacked and everything they ate was sitting down, on a plate as a meal.

Are you a fridge picker or a tester? Even clean foods will tip the scales in the wrong direction if you eat too much!

They both slept well, the lady got an average of 9 hours a night! You know how I feel about sleep right?!

Our metabolism is governed by several things; our hormones, our muscle mass and our movement.

I know this only too well. In my 30’s managing my weight was so much easier even though I drank more and my diet was far less clean than it is today.

I was more active, I had two young children and a dog plus I taught fitness for a living. I was always on the move, most days I longed to sit down!

Now I spend most of my day sitting, writing, researching or coaching.

Daily movement is key and the prolonged periods of sitting most of us do due to work, internet surfing and TV watching are one of the biggest factors for weight gain. I’m living proof of that!

So here are my top tips for natural slimness…

Get moving.
Leave the car at homehow often do you jump in the car just to “nip” somewhere?
Take the stairsnever use lifts.
Make the household chores a chance for extra movementget rid of your cleaner!
Dance I love a good boogie whilst I am cooking the dinner!
Playjust like you did as a kid!
Fidgetone of the ladies was a real fidget – she ate MacDonald’s and pasties but she was always moving!
Only eat sitting down from a plate and stop the snacks!
Cook from scratch!

So from today forwards I will be moving more – good news for Scooby, he’ll be getting an extra walk! And I’ll only be eating from a plate, no more fridge picking for me!

What about you?

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Yvonne, has lost a stone with us in the last 7 weeks, we have 7 camp weeks until Christmas, imagine what you could do?











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