They Called Me KimBelly…

I had to Join Weight Watchers at 13!

Yeah, it wasn’t nice… Being the fat kid.

They used to call me KimBelly…. and that was my mates. Well the boys mostly – of course!

Best part is I PT’d one of them years later!
I gave him some serious gyp… So who’s laughing now, chunky?

He laughed, because that’s what you have to do when you are a bit of a fatty!

Laugh off the hurtful comments and embarrassing situations you can find yourself in!

My brother was the worst. At 18, I was a size 18!
He used to call me Rosanne Barr, which in fairness was spot on, I was a dead ringer!
(No I don’t have any photos, you’d be lucky to find a single one!)

I don’t remember when I started gaining weight. I was young though, I know I was big in middle school.
Well I say big, these days I’d probably blend in but in the 80’s I was definitely the odd one out!

I used to hate the fact I was a fat kid, then a fat teen and then a fat mum.
I would do anything I could to hide my shady past from people.

But now I think ‘Thank god!’
Because if I hadn’t gained and lost weight so many times by the time I was 30, I wouldn’t be so bloody good at helping women lose it.

I wouldn’t be able to tell them from experience that Weight Watchers is s**t!

They want you to THINK you will lose weight eating their crappy ready meals full of sugar, salt and fat, but it’s all BS!
The last thing they want you to do is lose weight.

I wouldn’t be able to say from personal experience that diets, daily weigh-ins and hours of cardio won’t help you.
Because in the long run…
The weight will nearly always come back…


Around 35% of women end up heavier after a diet than when they started.


I wouldn’t know how to keep my clients going when they are ready to jack it all in…

*****ANOTHER FACT*****

The average woman has been on 61 diets by the age of 45, with the average length of a diet being 15 days before giving up.

I also know from experience that that day you give up and feast on whatever you’ve been craving…
(Mine was always a curry!)

The bitch will be back,
“You’ve blown it AGAIN! You’re such a loser! What is wrong with you FATTY?”

The same voice that was telling you to
“Go on, you deserve it, you’ve managed 15 whole days, it’s too hard anyway.”

Yep, I know it all, been there, got the T-shirt!

That is why I am all about the long game and enjoying the ride.

Everything I do is about just that – losing weight without losing your health.
From the inside out!

Babes on the Run being no exception.

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Peace out ladies!

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