Time and again we hear that it’s our people who make the difference.

Our brilliant team of trainers all have Personal Trainer accreditation and extensive knowledge in bringing together exercise, lifestyle and nutritional changes to make a real difference to your body.

One of the reasons our bootcamps get such great results is because our team take the time to get to know every member personally. That means we know when to give you that extra push and when to give you a bit more support, to ensure your workout is personalised to you and always safe, effective and fun.

Come meet our friendly team: we are ready to help you get the best out of your bootcamp experience and guarantee you support, fun… and results!


Spirit Owner and Trainer

Janella has been a freelance personal trainer for fifteen years and with the business for seven years, taking on ownership in 2019. Her driving motivation is to help women excel in their health and fitness goals. She is proud to have supported 100’s of women to feel stronger, fitter and more confident in themselves.

Favourite workout? “Kettlebells – they’re simple and so effective - delivering superb results for strength and fitness”

What sums up SPIRIT to you? ‘It’s not what you lose, it’s what you gain’ It just says it all. While many women initially join us because they want to lose weight (and they do!), what we find is that along with those losses come SO many gains. Confidence, energy, friendship – just a whole new healthy outlook on life. It’s these positive changes that keep our ladies coming back.”


Spirit Trainer – and Spirit Bootcamp graduate.

Adele transformed her body through our bootcamp programme, losing weight, completely changing her body shape and finding a lasting passion for fitness. She went on to qualify as a personal trainer and now dedicates herself to supporting other women to meet their body goals.

Favourite workout? “Boxing! It’s powerful, high energy and leaves you feeling exhilarated”

What makes SPIRIT special?I saw this great quote which sums it up: ‘behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back’…that’s what we’re about – brilliant women supporting each other to be their best -and achieve more than any of us could alone. And we have a good laugh along the way!”.


Spirit Trainer– and Spirit Bootcamp graduate!

Favourite workout? I find it so hard to pick, as each workout style offers different benefits and it’s in combination that they deliver such great results… bands are great at reaching the parts others cannot, boxing offers great cardio and toning - and maybe my favourite - kettlercise delivers an amazing all-over body workout - it’s fast, furious and fun... I love it!

What’s the SPIRIT difference? “The way we do things allows everyone to work at their own level - it’s inclusive and we all support each other at whatever stage of the journey we’re at. We love a newbie, showing them the way and enabling them to achieve those goals they’ve previously only ever dreamt of. Sticking to healthy habits can be challenging - but when you’re enjoying the journey, like our ladies do, it’s so much easier to keep going, and that’s what gets results in the long run.

What do our members have to say about our Bootcamps?

It's given me a new DETERMINATION, strength and CONFIDENCE.

It’s about getting a body which looks good on the outside but also that’s HEALTHY on the inside. That’s what bootcamp does. It changes your whole outlook.

It’s about getting a body which looks good on the outside but also that’s HEALTHY on the inside. That’s what bootcamp does. It changes your whole outlook.

I’ve lost weight and toned up but it's more than that – I’ve got STRONGER – both physically and more.

It’s SUCH a great group of ladies. We’re all there supporting each other. It’s hard work but it’s FUN!

Because the trainers know YOU, they tailor exercises as you need them.

I can't sell it enough...I just LOVE it!

People have said to me, "you're looking really good“ - 'you've got such a GLOW

I felt like I'd lost myself a bit in between family and work – l was losing ME…. I just really wanted to look and feel better. It’s made such a difference and I’ve FOUND MYSELF again.

My SHAPE has completely changed.

Just GIVE IT A GO – you won’t regret it!

Join Spirit Total Body Bootcamps and feel the best you ever have about your body