We’re here to take you on a journey to truly Love Your Body

Sadly, we see too many women held back by a lack of body confidence.

When we love our bodies, we gain SO MUCH – energy, confidence, happiness – our best selves can shine through.

We believe that a body to love is a body that’s fit, strong and healthy.

That’s why we say NO to body shaming, NO to yo yo diets and NO to negative body talk.

Instead, we offer a positive and sustainable approach to female health fitness, in a friendly and empowering environment.

We combine exercise, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support you every step of the way in meeting your body goals: so you get stronger, leaner and healthier - and feel the best you ever have.

Your body loves you. We help you love it back. 

What makes us different?


Our super-effective signature bootcamps

  • Our carefully designed workout sessions burn fat, build strength, boost fitness and turbo-charge your energy.
  • You’ll never get bored as we mix up moves, equipment and pace to keep you working hard and having fun every time.
  • With sessions available 6 days a week - including earlybird and evening timeslots - we make it easy to fit working out into your busy schedule.


Personal Training ethos - in a group workout setting

  • We love group workouts – they’re proven to increase enjoyment, motivation AND deliver great results.
  • But the magic comes by combining these with a Personal trainer inspired approach… where even in a group setting our qualified trainers are actively supporting your individual needs.
  • Working with your trainer you’ll set your own personal body goals and receive tailored guidance on how to achieve them. In our workouts you’ll be pushed just the right amount to safely maximise your progress.


Nutrition and lifestyle support

  • We provide the nutrition and lifestyle advice you need to stay on track with your new healthy way of life.
  • Our trainers work with you to ensure your nutrition plan supports your goals – whether that’s reviewing food diaries, directing you to healthy recipes or providing motivational feedback.
  • Our members-only online resource is packed with expert advice on eating well, hydration, sleep, stress and more. In our Spirit Squad facebook support group we focus on timely tips, seasonal recipes, ideas and inspiration to keep you going.


The most supportive fit-girl squad in Surrey

  • When women support each other, incredible things happen” - that’s what we see, every week, with the fantastic group of women attending our bootcamps.
  • We’re so proud of the empowering, supportive female spirit within our group that it was the inspiration for our updated business name.
  • Whether it’s the laughs and camaraderie shared at bootcamp, the words of body positivity when discussing goals or the practical advice and support within our online group – it’s our group of wonderful women who make the SPIRIT difference.
  • What’s more, they’re a super-welcoming bunch. So come on - join them on the journey to a body you love!

Sign me up! How does it work?

  • Free Taster Session. Your first SPIRIT bootcamp session is absolutely FREE! Come meet the SPIRIT trainers and join our lovely Spirit Squad in an energising and fun workout - and find out what all the hype is about. Sign me up
  • Sign up! You’ll immediately receive access to the members’ only section of our website and can join our members Spirit Squad facebook group to start accessing a wealth of advice and support.
  • Body Goals Assessment. Within the first 2 weeks of sign-up you’ll have a 121 session with one of our trainers to go through YOUR personal goals and plan a tailored approach to maximise your results.
  • Body Goals Guide – you’ll receive your personalised Body Goals Guide covering expert nutrition and lifestyle advice to kick-start your journey to a body you love.
  • Spirit Bootcamp! Effective, fun and flexible. There’s a choice of 10 workouts across the week with most members choosing to workout 3 times a week.
  • On-going support. Our trainers will keep you on the road to success, with goal tracking and course correction feedback along the way. You’ll get regular advice and inspiration through our digital platforms and soon be well on the way to meeting your body goals.

Join Spirit Total Body Bootcamps and feel the best you ever have about your body