Welcome To The Party


Welcome to our wonderful family of fabulous females!

Camp starts on the 10th December for Leatherhead & Bookham camps.
Weekly for our all new Godalming camps.

Please fill In the health questionnaire and read all the details below.

Get excited, you've made a great decision!

Now, don’t panic, we know how intimidating it can be walking in to a room full strangers but we are all lovely and remember what it was like for us (even the coaches!)

We promise you will feel welcome, just bring your smile and a sense of humour!

You will receive an email from us in the next few days but in the meantime please fill out the form below BEFORE coming to camp just so we can make sure we know everything we need to know about your health.

Participation in all workouts are entirely at your own risk – by signing below you agree to take full responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage to you that may arise directly of indirectly from your participation in this class/PT session, and that you will not seek to prosecute or claim compensation from Babes on the Run for any reason.
You agree that you are fit to participate in this class and have declared all any illness, injury or contraindications.

Your name at the bottom of this form will be used as your consent for the above.

Increase Your strength and fitness levels

If you have any injuries, medical conditions or feel you need to discuss any special considerations beforehand please let us know.

The exercises we use are all simple bodyweight moves designed to build strength and base fitness as well as ramp up your metabolism and turn your body in to a fat burning machine!

As your strength and fitness levels increase so does the complexity of the workouts, everything is done to timed intervals rather than a set number of repetitions so no one gets left behind.

You can work at your level doing as many repetitions of the exercise within that time as YOU can!

Most beginners use bodyweight moves to start with, then as your strength and fitness levels increase you may wish to get a set of dumbbells at a later date.

You need to wear comfortable clothes, supportive trainers, bring a mat, a drink and a smile.

We often train outside in all weathers, so wear layers! Although we do have indoor facilities if the weather is really awful – it’s not the army!

Classes take place at

Please note

​At the Leatherhead Leisure Centre, you’ll find us on the Tennis Courts in dry weather and in the Mole Barn when wet/cold.
At the Dawnay be sure to use the main Griffin Way entrance not the Lower Road Medical Centre one, we do not use this entrance it will be locked and you won't be able to gain access.

At the Wilfrid Noyce Camp in Godalming we are in the hall.

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your first session and allow a few minutes at the end
to discuss the nutrition plan and any questions you may have.

Where ever possible try and make the first session of the camp you are attending as this workout is a gentler introduction to the weeks ahead and designed to take you through all the moves at a suitable pace.