Who Wants a Sweet Treat that’s Good For You but Tastes Delicious?

When they first come to Babes, many of the women I meet have been struggling with failed diets for years.

The problem is that many diets are based on denying your body adequate calories, leaving you hungry, tired and miserable. These diets are not sustainable long-term and so neither is the weight loss they produce.

At Babes our feel fab formula has lead to successful and sustained fat loss for 100s of local women, partly because it is based on changing the way you eat and having a better understanding of how your body and your hormones react to the food you put into your body.

Now that’s not to say we don’t enjoy ourselves and have our rewards and treats along the way! And here’s a new one for you today ladies – a sweet treat or dessert that is low in fat and high in protein. It is absolutely delicious and tastes to me like Angel Delight! Lip smackingly fantastic! Give it a go!

If you don’t know your whey protein from your coconut oil, don’t be put off. We take everyone who enrols on our 7 Days of Fat Loss Taster Week through what they need to know to change the way they eat and exercise, for a successful and healthier fat loss regime.

We pride ourselves on being a group of supportive, non-judgemental females, sharing in a goal to live a healthier lifestyle and having a right good laugh in the process!

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Want to be a size smaller this time next month? Come along to our female only ‘drop a dress size’ Leatherhead Bootcamp!

Next 7 Days of Fat Loss Taster Week starts Monday!
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