Surviving The Boozy Socials My Top Tips…

It was the BABEs on the Run Christmas Do on Friday night, what a night!

It’s always a good knees up, although not too friendly on the liver!

But most of us are going to have a few drinks over the Christmas period and why not… as long as it is just a few and not enough to pickle your liver! So what’s the best way of surviving the boozy socials?

If you want to keep your energy high, your liver in fat burning mode and your hormones in check, limit it to two small ones on social occasions or even better still, designate yourself the driver and take one of the lovely alcohol free wines lots of my clients use.

That way you can wake up feeling refreshed and stay on track.

Because a night spent on the booze is only half the story.

What about the hangover the next day? Waking up dehydrated with a banging head and your blood sugar on the floor is not going to get you the body or energy you want.

And the lack of energy, carb cravings and hormone fluctuations can last for days!

If you are keen to try and limit the damage of a night on the tiles, have a clear plan in your head before you go.

  • Decide what you are going to drink.
  • Be firm about your choice if you want to stay sober and someone tries to steer you otherwise – tell them you are on anti-biotics if all else fails.
  • Set yourself a few rules. Mine are no doubles, no larges and no shots. That way I get to drink with everyone else just not the volume.
  • Don’t let anyone else top your glass up.
  • Eat some fat and protein before you go out.
  • Drink slowly.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave your drink somewhere and forget about – once the party is in full swing no-one will notice how much you aren’t drinking.

On Friday I will share with you the best of a bad bunch when it comes to enjoying the Christmas parties without pickling your liver!

Oh and stay tuned over the next few weeks because I’ve got something really, really exciting coming up for you ladies in the new year and I don’t you to miss out… Something that is going to make your 2018 healthier, happier and slimmer!

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