Is Stress Sending You Crazy? Plus, a FREE Meditation MP3…

Happy half term!

For some of you half term might mean a week off, maybe a holiday, but for most with young children it probably just means more juggling and extra stress.

For me, mine are older now and it really doesn’t make much difference, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy rushing around trying to cram 101 things into the day. I mean, what woman isn’t these days?

So, I thought today I would send you a quick reminder on how to reduce some of that stress because, not only can too much stress play havoc with your hormones, making you feel like you are going slowly insane, it can put your body into fat storing mode too!

So, check out today’s video…


Then, here is a FREE 12-minute meditation that will help you stay sane whatever the world decides to throw your way!

This fantastic 12-minute relaxation is ideal for when you’re waiting around for children to finish clubs or you have a few minutes at lunchtime… it’s only 12 minutes!

Download it here… min office relax processed.mp3?dl=0

If you want to know more about the voice behind this amazing relaxation then head on over to

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