Is Stress Making You Fat?

Did you know that stress can be a big factor in weight gain and stubborn, hard to shift body fat?

When I work with a client who lives life at 100 miles an hour, shifting the weight is rarely a case of eat less, move more. In fact it takes MORE FOOD and LESS EXERCISE to get results.

Food and exercise are only a small part of the puzzle with these ladies (who by the way are usually carrying most of their weight on their stomachs).

If you find that your belly fat is a problem, chances are that your cortisol levels are markedly elevated often due to increased stress levels and/or lack of sleep.

This is because fat cells in the abdominal area have a higher concentration of cortisol receptors than elsewhere, meaning that whenever cortisol is elevated, these receptors ‘call out’ to cortisol and fill up with cortisol-related fat.

When we get stressed, the body prioritises stress hormones and muscle strength, so it is able to react fast. It slows down things that we don’t traditionally need in a “fight or flight” situation, like digestion & reproduction.

As cortisol and stress hormone production takes over, the sex hormones and thyroid, that play a huge part in metabolism and body fat, take a back seat!

When someone has high cortisol levels, fat loss has little to do with excess calories and you won’t reduce that tummy until the diet is clean and the stress is addressed and reduced.

This means emotional stress, physical stress, psychological stress, nutritional stress, hydration/dehydration stress, and hormonal stress.

Sleep is key as it re-balances hormones and reduces cortisol… High cortisol means low thyroid, low growth hormone and low testosterone, all of which are important drivers of metabolism and therefore weight management.

Managing your stress on a day to day basis means you stay fit, healthy and are able to take the tougher, busier, more frantic times of life that we all experience on the chin without it effecting your energy, your weight or your happiness.

Is stress giving you a jelly belly and making weight loss impossible?

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