Top 5 Tips for Staying Motivated This Winter…

So, how do we stay motivated on these darker winter evenings?

How do you find the motivation to get yourself back up and out the door when the sofa is calling?

If you want results, being able to motivate yourself is vital, so what can you do?

Here’s my top 5 tips – I think the first is the most useful:

  1. Focus on outcome. That’s what those who get results do at the Critical Moment of Decision (CMD). It’s the difference between people that get results and those who get excuses. They focus on how good they will feel after they have worked out, how energised they’ll feel and the positive effect it will have on their body shape.Those that end up with an excuse, tend to focus on the process. They see themselves out in the cold, sweating or feeling “uncomfortable”, so by the moment it’s time to go they have talked themselves out of going, convincing themselves that the sofa is a better bet.
  2. Plan what you’re doing and stick to it. Make sure you get your workout kit ready the night before so it’s just a case of grabbing it on the way out of the door.
  3. Get it done early or tie it into your weekly routine. If you can exercise first thing it means you don’t have to spend the rest of the day talking yourself out of it!. Failing that, try and tie your workout in to your journey home so it’s done before you walk in the door!
  4. Find something that really does motivate you! If you hate running then the chances are you will find something more important to do every time. Look for something that makes you feel GOOD & that you enjoy doing.
  5. Don’t go it alone! Find a good exercise buddy or, even better, join a class. Classes are especially great in winter when the social aspect can really help. Knowing there are friendly, supportive faces waiting (expecting even) to see you can make all the difference to that CMD…

Now where you could you find a class like that I wonder..?

Great coaches, amazing results, fantastic members and loads of fun, much better than vegging on the sofa?

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