10 minute pasta sauce

How to Stay Healthy on a Budget – Simple Sauces Here!

Staying healthy on a budget and getting yourself and your family off of ready meals and processed foods isn’t that hard as long as you are prepared to get creative and make your own sauces.

Shop bought jars of sauce are not only packed full of sugar and salt, they are also expensive for what they are. You can save the strain on your wallet and your waistline by making your own and it really will take very little time.

Here are 2 recipes for tomato based sauces that make pasta and meat dishes quick, simple and healthier than before!

The first is a recipe I have adapted from the show ‘Eat Well For Less’, swapping the ketchup for tomato puree and using garlic paste and Tamari (gluten free Soy Sauce basically)… All absolute musts for the cupboard if you want to be able to make tasty meals in a flash!Pork Pockets Recipe

This next recipe is so simple and effective and only takes 10 minutes! If you eat a lot of pasta in your house it will also save you a few quid over a year. Why not make it even healthier by ditching the pasta and replacing it with spiralised veg?

10 Minute Pasta Sauce

So, what are some of your favourite meals and how can you clean them up?

Learning to make a few basic sauces is vital!

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