Sling The Scales – How To Be Happy, Healthy And Beautiful In 2018 – Part 2

Stop weighing yourself!

Hands up if you weighed yourself today?
Keep it up if you weighed yourself yesterday?
And the day before?

How did it make you feel?
In control?

Do you let your daughter see you doing this each day?
Does she know that this is the way you choose to start every day of your life?

A slave to a number.

When was the last time you said

“Hi my name is XXX and I weigh XXX?”

You wouldn’t, because nobody but you cares!

A number linked to so much emotion, it has the power to make you feel like a winner or feel like a blob.

I know a lot of people who weigh themselves daily, and whilst some of them are slim most admit that on the days their biological make up, fluid retention or menstrual cycle dictates they are 2 notches heavier, they use the words fat, disgusting and others to put themselves down, no matter what their dress size or frame!

If you want to keep an eye on your weight then once a week is ample.

There are plenty of other ways to gauge your size.

Clothing is probably the best, I have a rule that I won’t go up a size.

OK, right now, I wriggle rather than slide in to my jeans, after a little too much of what I fancy over Christmas, but who doesn’t feel a little like that in January?

I like to use Body Fat % with my clients. It is a much better indication of results, especially if you are starting to exercise.

Another way I keep myself in check is simply by knowing my body.

When I lay on my back at night I feel my pelvic bone (the bony bit at the front) and I can tell how they feel and if there is too much fat on my tummy!

It’s much nicer than scales!

Especially since I hit 40 – I’m not letting any number tell me my worth!

Stick the scales out of sight and liberate yourself in 2018!

Our first Bootcamp of the year starts Monday and the race is on for our BABE of the Year 2018! Last year’s BOTY lost a life changing and staggering 66lbs WITHOUT COUNTING CALORIES OR DIETING!!!

So, are you going to take your health and wellbeing by the horns and make 2018 the year you free yourself from diets, lose weight and regain your energy, for good?

Don’t miss it, this will be your last chance to join us until the 5th Feb, are you in?

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