She lost 3 stone but had to shave her head!

Did you see it?

One of those awful NY Diet programs that are always on at this time of year… Only this one is quite good! 

(Apart from the comment that Milk is a superfood… Hmmm… For a cow, yes, or anyone who wants to be the size of a cow!)

Anyway, this lady told a story I hear a lot!

She was 18 stone, eating junk food all day. Feeling like a disappointment, she decided to lose weight and fast!

Cue the 1200 cals a day diet. She had a shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lost weight, fast.
(Slim FAST I am guessing!)

The weight was falling off, which was what she had dreamed of, so she ignored the fact her hair was falling out, she was exhausted and felt completely miserable.

Thankfully she was wise enough to realise that the weight loss was coming at a massive cost to her health and changed tack. 

She stopped counting the calories and started counting the anti-oxidents and nutrients. Her weight loss slowed but continued and her health, hair and energy started to return.

Sadly she was left with a lot of excess skin and stretch marks that get infected.

I am going to let you into a trade secret now…

I see this A LOT when women lose weight too quickly.

When a client ticks these fatal boxes on their health form…

Which diets have you tried in the past?
• Lighter Life • Slimfast • Cambridge diet 

I know I am going to have to earn my money ;0)

Because they will have the metabolisms of a worm, often thyroid issues, adrenal issues, thinning hair and skin, periods all over the show or extreme menopause symptoms. 

If that’s you, then it is what it is. It was only a chance encounter that put me on the path to health rather than fat loss many years ago, or I too would be ticking that list.

I already have Weight Watchers on my list… that I joined when is was 13!!!!
Mmmm Nimble bread, Snackerjacks and Low-fat Yogurt – yum!

… But that’s another story!

If you have screwed your metabolism with extreme diets, then don’t panic. You’re here now and I am making it my mission in 2018 to get as many women as I can to ditch the diets, so they can lose weight and feel great without EVER HAVING TO DIET AGAIN! 

Are you with me?

At BABEs we have completely ditched the diet. In fact most of the girls feel totally liberated eating the sorts of food they have be denying themselves for years AND losing weight!

Claire has lost 7lbs and Lesley has lost 5lbs already this camp (we are hoping she will of hit by the time you get this email!) We only started on the 8th!

Unfortunately we are closed now until the 5th Feb and when we open we now only have 5 spots available due to the high demand but if you want to be sure of getting one of those spots hit reply and put “let me know” in the title so you get a priority heads up!

Want to chat? You can connect with us and chat on Facebook Messenger, just click on the link below

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