Rosemary Conley you Evil Witch!

Rosemary Conley you Evil Witch!

I was shouting it at the telly!

She was on talking about fat…

Is it good or bad?

I think we all know (although seems Rosemary didn’t get the memo) that fat is fricking awesome!
We NEED fat.

It makes every one of our sex hormones.
ie, Oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone.

It’s responsible for
Metabolism and

Without it the body begins to slow down, so you will…

Crave carbs,
Gain weight,
Be knackered
And be right off hanky panky!

Basically you will end up feeling pretty awful…

Which is how women come to me feeling – fat, exhausted and craving carbs!

But Rosemary has built an empire on Low Fat Diets.

I get it, back in the 70’s, 80’s, even the 90’s, ALL the advice was that if you want to lose weight you need to cut the fat.

I expect, like me, Rosemary did her research, listened to the “experts”, went on the courses.

I am sure she was doing the best she could with the information and research she had.

God knows I have listened to some B.S during my time in the industry, some of it I have passed on – cringe!


I promoted intermittent fasting for a while,
I slated any form of calorie counting,
I had carb free meal plans.

Not because I am an Evil Witch, but because I was doing the best I could with the research at the time.

BUT, Rosemary was still slating fat and advocating a 1200 cal Low Fat diet!

Holy moley Rosemary!

Come on!

That makes people fatter and sicker than they started!

And now we ALL know it.

Her argument was that clean eating (ie eating real food) was a fad and that Low Fat would be back.

Bloody hope not!

It caused enough of a health crisis the first time around thanks!

My advice?

Eat real food,
Eat ALL the macro nutrients (Carbs, Fat & Protein)

And don’t listen to Rosemary, or anyone who tells you cutting fat out of your diet is going to help you in any way!

Oh, and heads up…

If your time of the month causes you mayhem or you’re struggling with the menopause, get some fats in your diet, your sex hormones need it!

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