Pimp Your Picnic With Our Healthy Snacks & Treats…

I used to love picnics down at the park with the kids in the holidays – I’d still do it now if I could, but at 18 and 14 my children aren’t that keen 😉

Keeping it healthy used to be a challenge. Having food lying around in front of you is never a good thing, so it’s best to make sure you have healthy options to hand, then at least you’re keeping it clean!

Pack yourself a protein based salad and some cherry tomatoes, chicken or hummus with veggies to keep the naughty nibbles at bay! 

Plus, pick a location that is a walk away and take a cricket set or bat and ball for that after lunch activity!

Here are some of my favourite snack ideas to help keep you on track!

Yummy – time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with some healthy foods in tow!

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