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My Top Tips for Staying Away from the Quality Streets…

So, who has chocolates in the office already?

Hand to mouth disease can become an issue at this time of year! Time for my top tips for staying away from the Quality Streets!

I work with a few teachers who really struggle with the staff room at this time of year. One lady was telling us how she struggles and gives in to the constant temptation.

With a bit of delving we discovered she was starting her day on a bowl of cereal… Now you know what I am going to say, right?

Starting your day with refined carbs (aka SUGAR) is going to leave you feeling hungry within a couple of hours… First break in this lady’s case.

So, you walk in the staff room (or office) HUNGRY. Now you have not only to overcome the emotional temptation (just one, it is Christmas, etc), but you have to overcome it physically too because your blood sugar is low.

Cereal for breakfast will cause a sharp rise in blood sugar followed by a nose dive, leaving you feeling hungry and looking for the next fix.

Starting your day with fat and protein – the two macro-nutrients that take the longest for your body to digest – is a must at this time of year.

You will feel fuller for longer, which makes staying away and saying no to the treats really just a case of mind over matter, rather than body, mind and soul over matter!

Go for breakie ideas like:

  • The Homemade Muesli or Granola from my 30 days of Fat Loss Cookbooks.
  • Egg and Bacon Muffins.
  • Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs.
  • Baked Eggs In Avocado Cups – yep, they’re in the book!
  • My fav right now – Sardine and Spinach Salad.
  • Leftovers, from the night before.
  • Banana and Cinnamon Omelette – guess where you can find this? This is actually one of the most popular recipes, my bootcampers love it and I know, it shouldn’t work but it so does! http://kimrainewellbeing.com/30daysoffatloss

It’s only thanks to Kelloggs that we think breakfast needs to be a carb laden bowl of sugar instead of a balanced and filling meal. Breakfast is just another meal, a chance to refuel your body after a night’s hard work repairing and rejuvenating.

So start your day right and see how much easier it is to avoid temptation!

Oh and as for those office chocolates…

Whenever I am tempted by something like that I tell myself I can have ONE at the end of the day – so instead of starting on them first thing, tell yourself you can have one as you are leaving the office, but only if you still really want it. Often by then I don’t.

This eliminates that “I can’t” have one feeling, gives me something to look forward to and stops me having to exercise self-control after that sugar rush leaves me wanting more!

Stay vigilant out there ladies, those Christmas calories are starting to pop up already!

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