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My 3 Top Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


When you have worked as hard as the BABEs for a “Bangin’ holiday bod” the last thing you want to do is wipe out all your good work by eating and drinking nothing but CRAP for a week!

So here are few tips to keep you on track (ish, well you are on holiday after all!)

1. Prepare for take off…

The airport and flight can be a bad start knocking you off track before you’ve even left the country!

Food in the air is never fresh and always devoid of nutrients, so plan or pack something tasty and filling. Failing that grab yourself a protein based salad, some nuts or fruit for the journey from one of the airport outlets – make sure you grab a few bottles of H2O as well!

Skip the pre-flight celebration boozing and opt for a sparkling water with ice and a slice instead. Drink as much water as possible before the flight to stay energised and hydrated.

2. Enjoy the local produce…

Find yourself a local supermarket or outdoor market and fill up your basket with fresh fruit, nuts and healthy snacks so you always have some Life Force Foods in the fridge or to hand on the beach!

Eat as the locals do, which is usually fresh seasonal produce bursting with vitamins and minerals to keep you looking and feeling good. Most traditional food is healthy in any culture.

If you are unsure then stick with the old faithful of grilled fish & meats with a salad and extra veggies, try and stay away from the chips, breads and dips (or limit them to every few days).

Start your day with the big P – Protein, it will keep you full until lunchtime and keep you off the blood sugar roller coaster that can have you nibbling later on!

Sit facing away from buffets, use a smaller plate and have a good look around before you start mindlessly filling your plate and nibbling. Buffets are the quickest way to pile on the pounds so be extra vigilant especially if you are eating at one every day.

A good mind trick on holiday is go healthy on everything until the last day, then if you want a pastry the size of your head for breakfast you can have it. Have it on the first day and you will be fighting the urge for just one more the whole holiday…

3. Banish the booze…

OK, maybe for some that’s a bit far! But give the cocktails a miss, they are laden with sugar – stick to clear spirits with soda water and watch for the local measures!

Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you have to drink every day or get drunk every night, especially if you want to return home looking even better than you left! And keep drinking the H20!

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