Ready To Get Serious?

So excited you are join us and glad you’re still talking to us

How about making a commitment to your health for 6 camps and getting a month’s free camp in the process?

That’s a £99 saving – just for being committed to your body!

Our Absolute Babes (the ladies who are on the 6 month contact) get a significant discount on their monthly fee - over 15%! (And they still get rewarded for any referrals)

Obviously, if you choose not to sign up you and just stick with the PAYG camps you still get amazing value and awesome results.

What we’re doing is rewarding a commitment to consistency!

Consistency is the key to long term health and year round sexyness so we’re making it.


Full Camp Pay As You Go Option £99.00


Can I swap between camps

You can, but from a coaching point of view we do ask that you commit to certain days and stick to these wherever possible so your coach can get to know you and keep an eye on you and your journey

What if I can’t make a session?

You can join any of the other sessions within that 4 week camp but unused sessions cannot be carried over to the following month or refunded

Can I do just 1 session a week?

No, this will impair your results, ideally you should be working out AT LEAST 3 times a week for maximum results. The program increases in intensity throughout the camp and just coming once a week wouldn’t give you the results and would leave you prone to injury. After your first month we do offer a twice a week option although in an ideal world there would be no 2 day membership as for maximum results you should be aiming to exercise 3 times a week, but we understand that this is impossible to commit to for some of you.

If you think the 2x a week option is for you please contact and let them know you would like the 2x a week membership @ £76.00 a camp PAYG or £74.00 on DD

Can I do more than 3 times a week?
Yes, Absolute Babes can do unlimited camps. However, we prefer that you complete a full month with us before making this commitment. This is to ensure you are well conditioned before stepping things up a notch!

Do you do pay as you go?
No, sorry! Its pay per camp - this is a programme, not just a workout and we want to get you the best results possible and that takes a commitment.

Any other questions just give you coach a shout or email us at