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So after a week in the sun I am feeling super revved up and ready to launch my Simply Slim, 6 week online coaching programme for 40+ women who never want to diet again!

I ran this course a few times last year and got amazing breakthroughs and results with the groups, but I was in-undated with requests from people far and wide to do an online version, which although a little scary (I’m a bit of a technophobe!) it makes perfect sense!

I have people all over the world who read my emails so why not spread the love a bit further?

As it is my first one and I want to make it as awesome as possible without losing my mind, I have decided to limit the spaces…..

I have sold 3 spaces already & I am sure places will go pretty quickly (our live ones last year sold out in 5 days), so if you think it could be for you (or even a friend or relative that needs help) read on…

The course consists of at least 6 online group-coaching sessions, which will be recorded so you won’t miss a thing. Times will be mixed so that everyone gets a chance to get on a live call.

Still reinforcing the principles, you hear me talking about, but also introducing, a more holistic look at female health at 40+ because let’s be honest, fat loss, energy and well-being, both mentally and physically can become a little more of a challenge as we ‘mature’.

You will get:

6 modules made up of bite-sized videos designed to educate, motivate and enlighten you so you can regain your energy, increase your metabolism, lose body fat and take control of your health.

Exercises so you design your own unique Simply Slim Blue print that fits in to your life and works for you.

A HARD COPY meal plan, recipes, food diary and daily tracker posted directly to your door so you will always have a record of what makes you feel GOOD!

The modules covered are…

Your Health Is Your Wealth – this module is focusing on your mindset towards food. It will get you having a closer look at what you put in your body and give you a different perspective on how you and your family eat, so making the right choices is easy.

Live More Stress Less – this module will give you a better understanding of how stress effects your weight and your health as well as giving you some practical tips and protocols for healing a stressed out body, dealing with anxiety, mild depression and overwhelm, so you can concentrate on the job of keeping your metabolism, hormones and gut in check, meaning you can lose weight without dieting!

Sleep Your Way To Success – how often do you find yourself waking up in the night, unable to get to sleep or waking up in the morning feeling exhausted? This module takes a closer look at how important our sleep is, how a lack of it can affect our waistline and how to improve it.

Mindful Emotional Eating – we are all emotional eaters in one way or another so this module is designed to get you looking at your habits more closely, showing you what your triggers are and how to deal with them in a healthier way.

Move It Move It – we all know exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but not all exercise is created equal, especially past 40. This module takes a holistic look at how to get the best out of your body, so your workouts are balanced and effective.

Wake Up and Smell The Energy – this last module is a new one, giving you the highlights and exercises from my workshops.

We will be looking at your Emotional & Spiritual Energy, talking about relationships and connecting with those around you, getting off social media and getting into the real world.

Connection and understanding of your spiritual energy makes you unstoppable, it’s about knowing who you really are, your values and your purpose.

This last module will get you looking at your life through new eyes, getting you thinking about the next years and decades as well as designing your ‘moving on’ plan.

Each coaching session will contain breakout exercises and will also include:

  • Talk about the weeks “hot topics” set by the group (examples so far have been Alcohol, Weighing, Organisation)
  • Wins, Challenges and Lessons (review of your week)
  • Life Planning (so you plan a winning week ahead)

I will also be answering your specific questions throughout the weeks via Facebook live in my members only group.

Simply Slim is an interactive programme designed for 40+ women who want to take responsibility for their own health and well-being rather than relying on misleading pharmaceutical, food company and media information.

So if you’re ready for something completely different, book your space today! As I say numbers are limited and judging by previous courses this will sell out fast!




My 1-2-1, 6 week courses, are £700, but I really am committed to helping as many 40+ women as possible have an awesome life and so the investment for the whole 6 weeks, including all materials, access to my members only Facebook group and my personal input is just £147.

So what are you waiting for?




We kick off on the 19th June, so you’ll be feeling like a new woman in time for the summer holidays!

If you have any questions or are ready to book hit me up using the form below!




Want to chat? You can connect with us and chat on Facebook Messenger, just click on the link below


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