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Lose Weight This Week with these 3 Nutrition Tweaks!

Want to lose weight this week? Try these 3 nutrition tweaks and be amazed by the results…

If you’re about to kick off the week with another diet, make sure you are doing these three first!

Start the day right.

Starting the day with a high carb sugary cereal, even the healthy ones such as All Bran, Alpen and Special K, will leave you feeling hungry and sluggish.
As well as being full of sugar they are made with wheat, a real belly bloating grain!

Swap your cereal for eggs, avocados, organic live yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

Don’t starve yourself!

Thanks to the misleading information out there, many of us still believe that the best way to lose weight is to eat less or even worse, not eat at all.

Whilst this may work the first few times you try to lose a few pounds, ultimately your metabolism just doesn’t work that way.
This is the reason we don’t promote long fasting periods at BABEs, even though it’s very much the fashion right now.

Our bodies need nutrients, not starvation, so get 3 well balanced meals a day consisting of

Lean protein such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs.
A Fat source such as butter, avocado, olive oil and the BABEs favourite – coconut oil.
Green leafy veggies and a small serving of starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes and fruit (ideally after a workout or in the evenings).

This will mean that your body is getting all the fuel and nutrients it needs and your metabolism can begin to reset itself knowing there is an abundance of nutrient rich food available.

Drink water!

Lots of it and not much else!

Not only does dehydration decrease your metabolism but sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeine play havoc with your fat storing hormones.

Drinking your calories can lead to overeating as “liquid sugar” including “healthy” fruit juices and smoothies means that your insulin levels are rapidly increased.

******Insulin turns sugar into fat, that’s insulin’s job! *******
High levels block your brain from receiving the signals that you’re full.

So now, because your brain thinks you’re starving, it slows you down to conserve energy and makes you hungry.
So you feel more like lying on the sofa with a Magnum than hitting the gym and having a salad!

Speaking of which, if you are spending more time with a Magnum than you are down the gym, why not join us at BABEs next week? Our next Taster Week starts Monday 26th June.

One of the most common feedbacks we get is how women hated the gym but they love us! Honestly, give it a try, you never know you might even like it 😉

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