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Kick Calories to the Curb – How to be Happy, Healthy and Beautiful in 2018 – Part 4




Stop counting calories – what is it about the counting of calories that keeps us so hooked? 

Calories are one of the most controlling and damaging aspects of diet cycle and mindset.
Do you enjoy your food without worrying about the most misleading fallacy in the industry?

Is it the control or the misunderstood freedom that some believe counting calories (points or sins) give us?

I gave up counting calories years ago, when I started to really understand food, what it does, why we need it, how the body responds to and processes it.

Our ancestors didn’t worry about the calorie content of an avocado! They knew this food was a powerhouse of goodness.
They didn’t think, ‘Well, I could have a Mars bar for that!’
They didn’t go hungry because they had reached their quota for the day.

Make 2018 the year you start to really understand and enjoy your food. Give your body what it wants.

There are three macro-nutrients our body NEEDS for survival, health and happiness!

They are protein, fat and carbohydrate – not chemicals and additives that disrupt your delicate endocrine system and poison your liver!

That’s what happens when you start eating by numbers!

You lose sight of what food really is, you start to fill yourself with chemicals and additives that are designed in laboratories to have less calories, food made in test tubes!

In 2018 enjoy food from the ground, trees, seas and farms, without nutrition labels full of chemicals and misleading health claims (sugar free, low fat, low carb, high protein, vegan, organic, harvested by virgins riding unicorns – it’s all a load of CRAP!)

Just eat REAL food. LIFE FORCE FOOD as I call it. 

Food that is full of life force and energy, full of antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients, because it was once alive itself in some way!

When food becomes a number to be controlled or beaten, meals become a mathematical dilemma instead of a time for enjoyment and good company!

Start by eating one meal without counting, or even a snack. Liberate yourself!


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