Keep Up Your Fitness On Holiday – New Holiday Workout Video!

Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean going to pot when it comes to your health and fitness!

If you want some extra damage limitation why not give my metabolic chain workout a go, it’s a toughie so anything over 10 minutes is great!

The ideal time to do it is first thing, before it gets too hot and the family are on the loose!

I did it before breakfast every other day.

Stay tuned as the one I did on the other days is coming next week!

These workouts are designed to use every muscle group for maximum metabolic effect throughout the day.

They are performed in a “chain” one after the other to really get your heart rate up and your fat set to BURN!

Metabolic Chain Workout 1

Metabolic Chain Workout

You don’t have to be abroad to get fit! If you’re staying closer to home this summer ie, Costa Del Leatherhead, why not come and join us for some summer fun and a great workout at BABEs?

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