Is Your Clean Diet Full Of Sugar??

“Clean” eating is now all the rage, us BABEs love it! But is your clean diet full of sugar?

Have you spiralised a courgette to replace your spaghetti yet?

There are some fantastic cookbooks and blogs out there with delicious wheat, dairy and “sugar free” alternatives to all your favourites!

But on closer inspection not all of these recipes are as healthy as they seem, many are packed full of sugar.

Refined sugar, no, but sugar all the same.

Refined sugars are extremely addictive (affecting the brain the same as cocaine) but many of the natural versions are equally as detrimental to our health and waistlines if eaten in excess.

Natural or not, all sugar (aka carbohydrate) has an immediate effect on the sugar in our blood and subsequent insulin levels.

High levels of insulin in the blood means your body is in fat storage mode.

Just because a cake is gluten or dairy free doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with sugar.

Many recipes replace refined sugar with dates and maple syrup, both of which have a really high GI rating and have the exact same effect on our blood as refined sugars.

Watch out for the recipes that hit that magic “bliss point”!

Those high in fat and sugar mean one is just simply not enough – this is the point that the food industry spends billions on perfecting (think Pringles and Oreos!)

This will be the case even if the fats are coconut oil and the sugar is “natural”.

Kimbo’s Top Tip 
When I want a clean(ish) treat I opt for about 25gms of 85% organic chocolate.
The sugar content is low – around 2.5gms and the magnesium levels are high. Not only that, due to the strong bitter chocolate taste I rarely eat more than an extra square or two!

If you want to keep it really clean cacao nibs are full of magnesium
**Magnesium is what our bodies really need when we have those time of the month chocolate cravings**

Clean or not, if you overeat your portions, especially of high carbohydrate foods, you will gain weight!

Keep it clean ladies!

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