How To Stay On Track When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

So, how can you stay on track when there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Last week I had a coaching session where my client had had a “bad” week.
To be honest I actually LIKE it when they have a bad week – shhh don’t tell them that!

But when every week is going great, I know they aren’t really learning or growing much – challenges are good!

And there are no more challenging weeks than these ones!

  • Planning is the key to getting through Christmas.
  • Get to bed by 10pm as many nights as you possibly can.
  • Eat protein and fat based meals and snacks.
  • Keep carbs to starchy & root vegetables such as sweet potato, squashes, parsnips etc.
  • Have a portion of the above carbs with an evening meal to aid deep, restful sleep.
  • Choose your socialising wisely – go for quality over quantity. Do you HAVE to go out EVERY night this week?
  • Watch your alcohol intake, drive sometimes.
  • Have some down time, be selfish and just chill!
  • Keep your workouts regular, but short and sweet – HIIT training like we do at camp is ideal for this!
  • 45 minutes 3x a week will keep damage to an absolute minimum.
  • Batch cook or have quick meals in mind for those crazy nights – what is your ‘go to’ clean meal in minutes
  • Emptying your stress bucket as often as possible is key this time of year.
  • Accept that you have some social engagements that might put you a little off kilter, but put in extra effort either side of these events to ensure some damage limitation.

What I usually find is that it isn’t what happens at the events that is the problem, it is in the following days that things go wrong…

So make sure you have your food, sleep and exercise planned the following day and wherever possible give yourself a night’s grace to recover in between engagements!

And breathe…

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So ladies, get ready for an amazing kick start to 2018… In the meantime, hang in there…


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