How to lose 10lbs before Christmas

I was talking to a lady in the gym this morning that spotted my BOTR hoody and asked my advice. She told me how she was starting her diet on Monday and this time will be the last time.

This is how the conversation went…

“Brilliant, so what’s your plan?” I said
“Urm, well I’ll probably cut out the biscuits, the wine, all the good stuff and move a bit more, maybe go for a few runs?” 
“Do you like running?” I asked.
“NO! I hate it!” 
“Right, so what will you eat?”
“Well I have a few Weight Watchers meals in the freezer from the last time, so I’ll have those and then just eat rabbit food and tuna, until I get bored of watching everyone else enjoying themselves and give up!”

I wasn’t shocked or surprised by this, I have had similar conversations many times before.

So, I gave her what I see as the secret ingredients to any successful weight loss plan! Follow this and you can lose 10lbs before Christmas:

Planning, preparation, variation and consistency! 

At this point she looked confused. “But what about calorie counting, or low fat, or cabbage soup, or whatever the latest diet craze is?”

So I explained…

You see, many people will start a new healthy diet, usually on a Monday, but will have no preparation done.

They’ll have no plan as to what they will eat for dinner or lunch.

They will eat the same boring foods again and again, leaving them feeling deprived and left out. They will put themselves through tedious, boring and ineffective workouts that they hate, until they inevitably give up.

That’s the trouble with “dieting” –  it’s hard!

So I pointed her in the direction of my 30 Days Of Health Cookbooks. For just £7 she had instant access to over 180 clean eating, family friendly and quick to cook recipes. Then I directed her to stage 1 of my FAST plan!

Did you know, 20 minutes of HIIT burns more calories over a 24 hour period than a 3-hour run! 

Now that’s what you want to be doing to lose fat fast!!!

She was very glad she asked! And you know what? I think this time WILL be the last time she tries to lose weight!

If you want to get your hands on my cookbook, full of the clean eating recipes that have helped many of my clients lose at least 10lbs in a month easily, go to

How would it feel being 10lbs lighter this Crimbo?

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