How to Get Your Subconscious On-side for Fat Loss

How can you get your subconscious on-side for fat loss?

The other week I had a tough week, life just threw me a few curve balls, in fact it was more like a one-sided tennis game with one of those machines stuck on fast – for about 10 days they just kept on coming!

When life goes like that I dive for cover!

I try to stay as in the moment as much as I can, keep up my healthy habits and just listen to my body…which usually involves extra sleep and relaxation.

When life goes wonky, as it will (and as it should, uncertainty is one of our human needs believe it or not!!) it can really take some focus not to fall off the wagon!

So when I meet people who want to lose weight the first thing I try and get them to do is look at their daily habits.

More and more research is telling us that as little as 5% of our behaviours are conscious meaning around 95% of what we do is unconscious.

Now if you think that as creatures of habit, us humans spend approx. 40-45% of every day acting habitually, it makes sense to invest time in getting those habits right.

So for around 95% of the time we are responding to situations, demands and emotions with our subconscious mind and at the same time reverting to the same old habits, rituals or coping mechanisms we have ingrained over a lifetime.

We all have survival habits, things, places or people we turn to when the going gets tough, very often the tougher the going the more we retreat to these behaviours. More often than not, these are not the behaviours that serve us well!

Habits serve as anchors and daily rituals can mean we reduce the need to rely on our very limited conscious mind and discipline when we need to make the right decision regarding our goals, whatever they may be.

Creating healthy habits that become part of your day to day life can help you take the right actions and make the right choices on auto pilot when your subconscious kicks in.

So what are the daily habits you need to add in to your life to make losing weight on auto pilot that bit easier?

Mine are daily dog walking, a workout of some description and meditation – I do all three almost every day, without even thinking about it!

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