How to Enjoy Party Season & Stay Looking Hot!

Want to know how to enjoy the party season and stay looking hot?

Are you struggling to find time for Christmas? Me too!

In fact it seems to get worse each year!

If you are an A lister who has been invited to every party in town then here’s a few survival tips to keep you ahead of the game!

My first tip would be say NO! Seriously!

You don’t HAVE to go to everything!

Pick your most important people/events and ditch the rest. Scary I know, but I have been working through this with my Slim From Within clients and it is VERY liberating!

Next, bear in mind it is the over-consumption of foods high in sugar, trans fats and salt that cause us the most problems at Christmas, so don’t leave the house without a plan, or you could easily find yourself consuming an extra days worth of calories plus, before you know it.

If there is a meal involved, decide what you’re going to eat before you get there. Soup or a prawn cocktail (without the sauce!) are great starters, turkey for main is OK, but go easy on the sauces, sausages, roast potatoes, Yorkshires, stuffing, etc. Fill up on the vegetables as much as possible.

A fish course can be a high protein option, but watch out for pastry or cheese.

If you can’t resist desert, then limit yourself to 2/3 bites then give it away (don’t leave it sitting in front of you!) or go for a fruit salad.

Remember you don’t have to clear your plate!

Stay away from the appetisers, as they are high in calories and easy to grab a handful here and there. 10 dry roasted peanuts are about 45 cals, so a handful can easily come in at 100 cals, and who has just one handful?

Take your own offerings such as vegetables crudities, with homemade hummus dips, fresh fruit or Christmas salads (I love adding chestnuts, cranberries and a sprinkle of goats cheese at this time of year!)

Alcohol is poison to the body, so it will try to eliminate it immediately, metabolising those calories before burning fat, meaning it will not be able to burn off the calories you have consumed through food, thus adding them to your waistline.

A 175ml glass of white wine will be 130 cals, vodka is not too bad at around 50 but then if you add coke you can also add another 70 cals, and with any kind of alcopops or red bull type mixers you can be looking at around 220 per bottle!

Do a workout before you get ready! Get yourself moving for 30 minutes and get off to a great start. It will make you feel great and get the blood flowing to your muscles, giving you a bit more definition and a healthy glow later.

Try a quick run, or circuit of 30 seconds of each of these. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes with little or no rest…

Press Ups
Skipping (with or without the rope)

Then spend the evening on the dance floor and not by the buffet. That way you can be burning up to 400 cals an hour, instead of eating 400 cals in minutes!

Remember ladies, little pickers wear bigger knickers!

I am so excited about the new year! I have some really cool stuff coming up for you, both locally and online, so wherever you are you can make 2018 an awesome year!
Keep your eyes peeled over the next week!

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