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How The Menopause Can Make You Fat – You Need To Read This Even If It’s Years Away!

The menopause can make you fat – even if it’s years away you need to read this to know how!

*******Did you know? The menopause itself lasts only a day but the symptoms and side effects are numerous and can last years!********

Weight gain post menopause is fuelled by a change in your levels of the hormone Oestrogen, the very essence of a woman.

Oestrogen helps regulate body temperature, aids sleep, memory, concentration, bone density and collagen production. It is also key in the production of serotonin, our happy hormone.

It takes us from girls to women, with menarche, through our menstrual cycle to pregnancy and onto the end of our reproductive fertility.

When the menses (our periods) cease and the ovaries stop producing the strongest of the three Oestrogen hormones, Oestradiol, it switches to the less potent Oestrone that is produced in the adrenal glands and fat cells. Meaning the body will produce more fat cells after menopause in order to produce more Oestrone.

The body now needs to protect those fat cells, and will even break down muscle rather than fat for its energy source so it can continue to produce Oestrone.

The increase in Oestrone causes a rise in insulin.

****When insulin levels are high your body is in fat storage mode meaning you are less able to metabolise the excess sugars in your blood****

You are now in a fat GAINING cycle!

So increasing your muscle mass with resistance training and eating a clean and natural diet that is low in sugar and high in protein and fat is more important than ever.

During the menopause you need to challenge your body’s physiology as it tries to lay down fat and break down muscle mass.

And, if you are reading this thinking you don’t need to worry yet as you’re a long way off but you need to lose weight, then my advice is get your body ready and lose weight NOW whilst your body is on your side and the going is good!

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