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How Do You Cope With Challenges?

How do you cope with challenges? I used to see them as a real negative, often thinking ‘Why me?’

But now I feel very differently about them. In fact I love a challenge. No, I don’t like it when life batters the crap out of me, but I am able to look at things differently now.

Now I think, ‘What am I learning here?’
‘What is going to be the lesson?’
‘How will this help me grow?’

The thing is, when everything is going great, I know I am not really learning or growing.

It’s exactly the same with your workouts – if they get easy they aren’t really causing much change or having much impact.

Sometimes things have to break to be made stronger.

I cannot actually think of a tough time that I have been through that hasn’t kicked me out the other side feeling wiser and a whole lot stronger.

We need challenges to learn and grow, so if you are going through hell right now then let me share a mantra I use…

“Everything is how it should be”

For me this is now obvious, as I have total trust that the universe is trying to teach me or show me something I need learn about myself, my loved ones or the world around me.

I actually find it quiet liberating to hand over the reins to the universe and just trust that this is how things should be and in time I will look back and understand.

This is a quote from a good friend of mine, Nikki Owen, that sums it up for me….

“Every challenge, every heartache, every failure and setback holds a piece of wisdom that has been crafted and customised for you by the Universe. You are treading a unique path that is leading you to a life of joy, happiness and enlightenment. It depends on whether you chose to learn, grow and elevate yourself from your ego mind into your compassionate heart.”

Have a great day ladies and rise to the challenges it brings, because they were made for you!

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