Healthy School Holiday Survival Tips

Talking to some of the BABEs the other day, it seems the summer holidays are bitter sweet, a lovely time with the children but no time for you!

I guess if you can’t beat them, join them!

The next 6-8 weeks needn’t be a slow decline into the depths of toxic hell, it can be a chance to get you and the kids healthy and fit!!

As always, planning, consistency and commitment are key!

You know you’ll just feel worse if your mornings start later as the summer goes on, so get ahead of the game and get up half an hour earlier to fit your workout in!

Keep them short and sweet. 20 minutes of focused work is enough, for you and the kids – my kids used to join in, it was a great start to the day for all of us!
If not, sit them down for some morning TV whilst you jump about and your body will be burning extra calories for the rest of the day.

It means you’ll be more focused on your health and fitness goals for the rest of the day, so less chance of over-eating and making bad choices with all that kids’ food around.

Get out on bikes, play football, tennis, rounders, catch, anything that’s going to get you ALL moving. Go for walks, make them fun by setting challenges.

If it’s raining, go swimming or book a badminton court at the leisure centre.

If you’re at home, make up dance routines or play active games such as musical statues.

Plan some active activity EVERY day!

With nutrition, the summer is a great time to make healthy fun. Get the children to help you pick healthy foods on the weekly shop, buy local and take a trip to the market to see what they think is worthy of a healthy shopping basket.

I used to take my kids to the pick your own farms, they loved getting stuck in and dirty! It’s a great education for them, a chance to learn about natural foods.

Get them busy in the kitchen. Cutting and cooking, things like chicken and vegetable kebabs, ratatouille, fruit filled ice pops, fruit salads and my kids favourite – fruit kebabs – messy and delicious.

The children are much keener to eat veggies they have picked, cleaned, cut and cooked themselves, than those that just appear on the plate from nowhere.

You can have mini sports days with all sorts of fun races, there’s nothing like a good sprint to get the metabolism fired up.

The most important thing is, enjoy the holidays.

Get organised with your food plan and get your workout done first thing in the morning and get to bed early to keep your body’s metabolism and your energy in check.

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