Has Your “Dry January” Gone Soggy?

Has your “Dry January” gone soggy?

Or your diet gone out the window, along with the dreams of kicking ass in your bikini this summer?


Don’t give up!

You get yourself back up and focused!

I used to HATE January, I would set myself up for a Dry Jan or a month’s clean eating and blow it!

Virtually every time!

It was about 8 years ago when I tried to do my first detox – just for the record when I talk about detoxing I am talking about 28 days of being wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, alcohol and sugar free…
Mmm just what you feel like doing straight after Christmas… Spending a month ramming it all in, then another month sweating it all out!

It wasn’t a pretty sight!

I failed… A lot!

Caffeine and alcohol were the hardest.

Caffeine because of the withdrawal headache and booze because of the socialising.

It took me several YEARS before I managed the full clean up!

Nowadays I don’t spend the whole of December knocking the hell out of my liver, so Jan is not such a nightmare!

But, if January hasn’t gone quite according to plan for you, then don’t fret.

Here are a few things to bear in mind…

You haven’t failed.
You can never fail at anything until you stop trying!

Today you have woken to a new day (you lucky bugger, many haven’t, so you’re winning already!)

You get the chance to start again!
Only this time you are wiser and stronger, because you can look back and ask yourself…

“Why did I crumble?”
“What went wrong?”
“What can I learn?”
“How can I use that to stay on track in the future?”

Use it as a chance to learn a lesson, think about why you are struggling and ask yourself what the main obstacle is?

What is holding you back and what action could you take to give yourself a better chance of success?

“Failure is our teacher, not our undertaker.
Failure is a delay, not a defeat. It is a detour not a dead end.”

Now dust yourself off and try again!

And don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I asked the girls in “Kimbo’s Healthy, Happy Hangout” yesterday and had answers like “dry with a splash,” “occasional at the weekend.”

If you are struggling to stick to anything that is going to help you lose weight and feel good in your skin, then join the girls and I over at “Kimbo’s Healthy, Happy Hangout!” It’s full of love, laughs and support.

See you there!

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