Gym Out the Window in the School Holidays? Try this Workout if you’re Stuck at Home!

So how did you get on with the last workout?

It’s a great one to do if you can’t get to camp over the holidays. No excuse not to get a workout of some description in, even if it isn’t the Full Monty!

This week is a similar concept, another chain workout that hits every body part, ideal for ramping up your metabolism, so it’s damage limitation whilst you’re away!

Just set your timer for 15-20 minutes and get going. There is no stop start but you just take whatever rest you need when you need it.

See how many chains you can complete before you have to rest!

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Check out the timetable (well behaved children are welcome to watch the 9.15 session during the school holidays – classes are 45 mins, so you can get up and get it done before the day starts!)

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