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Got A Jelly Belly? Stop This and Start To Flatten It!


Who doesn’t want a flat tummy?

But when it comes to our fat distribution we are all different shapes – pears, apples, carrots and various other fruit similes.

A carb loaded or boozy bank holiday weekend will leave some of us looking like we have swallowed a melon, while others will end up with John Wayne’s saddlebags and others with batwings where our arms used to be!!

This can be down to genetics, but it is also to do with the balance of your hormones, which can be out of whack due to your lifestyle, workouts and nutrition and is to some extent controllable.

Losing weight in only just one area of your body is impossible; imagine dipping a bucket into a pool of water and expecting to see a hole, it doesn’t happen.

When you reduce your body fat it reduces from all over, starting with the least important stores first, the face for example.

But there are certain changes you can make to your lifestyle and nutrition that will manipulate your hormones and make a big difference to your body shape.

Fat in the tummy area can be due to high cortisol levels.

Cortisol is the stress hormone, released when your body feels in danger, or under attack. Which these days it rarely is, yet our bodies are under a different stress from lack of good nutrients, poor sleep and the fast pace of a very pressured world.

Cardiovascular exercise such as long runs and aerobic classes encourage your body to release cortisol into the blood stream, exasperating the problem you are probably exercising to alleviate!

Compare a marathon runners body to a sprinters, Ok someone who runs marathons may not be “fat” as such but they rarely have a six pack like Jessica Ennis!

Keep your workouts short and sharp if you are prone to fat storage around the tummy and concentrate on resistance training with short bouts of cardiovascular body weight exercises instead of long cardio sessions.

When it comes to using exercise for fat burning HIIT cardio workouts like we do at camp are the bomb!

40 seconds on 20 seconds off

Fast, simple and effective.


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