GAIN Fat on the 5:2 Diet (and how much a poo weighs)

Fasting is a waste of time! 

I don’t know about you, but now I am knocking on a bit my priorities have completely changed.
Of course, I don’t want to LOOK old, but I don’t want to feel it even more! 

I am just not prepared to compromise my health or energy to lose a few pounds (especially when I know they will go straight back on the minute I return to normality!)

I watched a program the other day where a “celebrity”
(you know, one of those ones you’ve never heard of!) followed the 5/2 diet.
I actually quite like this show because…

It has my hunk of the health world – Rangan Chatterjee – on it sometimes AND
Because it is actually slating diets!

So a win/win for me.

Anyway back to the 5/2 or fasting…

First off, if you don’t eat, you will lose weight, of course,  
then you will lose energy,  
then you will lose muscle mass,  
then you will GAIN body fat (ie you’ll get squidgy) 
then you will disrupt your hormones,  
then your metabolism will slow down,  
then over time you will begin to lose bone density,  
your periods could stop,  
you could start to lose your hair,  
I’ve seen all sorts and the effects can last a lifetime. 

Now, there is some phenomenal research to support the power of fasting for medical reasons, the ability to reverse diabetes being one possibility.

However, the 5/2 isn’t real fasting. You get to eat 500 cals during your fast for a start, ermm, that’s not fasting!

Plus, in most day to day cases we just can’t stick to it.

We overeat on the non fast days to compensate. The body will always be striving for Homeostasis and equilibrium. It doesn’t care that you want to lose a few pounds, it wants you to survive. In fact it wants you to thrive! 

So after 4 weeks of hunger, low energy, missing out on social engagements and a bit of cheating on the normal days, how much did our poor celeb do?

Drum roll..

She lost… 1kg 
1 Kg!!!! 

You could poop that! 
According to Mitzi Dulan, R.D. a poo can weigh anything between 1-4lbs depending on your size and how often you go! 
****Little fact for you to throw into conversation there**** 

PLUS, she GAINED body fat. 


Here are 3 simple rules ALL of my clients follow…

  1. Stop eating C.R.A.P  
    Carbs & Caffiene
    Refined Sugars
    Processed foods
  2. Stop eating so much – cut out the snacking and super sizing.
  3. Start eating LIFE FORCE FOODs – Real foods that have some kind of life to them – meat, fish, veggies (loads) and moderate fruits.

And, no word of a lie, eating this way will help you lose weight… for good!  

These are just some of the results from our private group last week. Not one fast or low calorie day, in fact these girls were eating curries, burgers and carbs!!!

Nom Nom, bring it on!!!


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