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How are you bearing up?

I know that things might be starting to slip a little at the moment…

The post below is from BABEs Members Hangout Yesterday… Does this resonate with you?

It’s true. If your office is filling up with trash foods then you need to remember – no chocolate, cake or whatever, is going to make anything less stressful, you happier or give you energy – nothing about stuffing your face mindlessly with rubbish is going to improve your life.

See it for what it really is, addictive sugar laden CRAP! 

Walk away from it and read this instead!

(click to download) 

It’s our Christmas Survival Guide and it’s packed full of tasty treats and recipes that won’t make you fat and sick, workouts that get the job done in half the time and my guide to help you get away with the booze!

Hang in there ladies!

I have something really exciting coming up for you in 2018. Keep an eye on your emails on Boxing day for the chance of getting one of the 12 new member spaces left on our January Jump Start camp!

This is something totally different to how we have done things before… There’s a LIVE event to get you all focused and ready for action, the chance to find out your metabolic age, as well as lots more… Keep them peeled girls!

But in the meantime, sparkle, shine and sizzle this Christmas with our Survival Guide and we will see you on the other side!

Have an amazing Christmas ladies and remember, YOU ROCK! 
No matter what size your jeans are, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

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