Are You A Food Addict or Emotional Eater??

Are you addicted to food?

“I’m an emotional eater”

I hear this a lot!

In fact we have a whole module on it at Slim From Within.

We all eat emotionally – how many times have you squeezed in dessert even though you are full? 

Many books and therapies talk about finding the deep emotional route of why you are over eating, what pain you are trying to avoid, what feelings of hatred, hurt, loneliness and upset you are trying to hide, and yes, in some cases, delving so deep is necessary especially when there is an eating disorder or emotional issue.

But for most it is simply a case of triggers, boredom, disruptive habits and day to day temptations that cause the damage.

Emotional eating doesn’t happen without a reason – there is always a trigger, good or bad, happy or sad!

Identifying your triggers means you can be on hyper alert when you are around them.

Not all triggers are under your control, so the idea is to remove the ones you can control and prepare an action plan for the ones you can’t.

Triggers tend to fall in to one of 4 categories; 

  1. Places 
  2. People
  3. Feelings or 
  4. Events. 

For example, a common trigger is the walk past the chocolate at the garage/supermarket. It’s clever marketing and the temptation is huge.

It’s a trigger that you can’t control so it’s one you need to manage.

A couple of things you could do to manage this trigger would be:-

  • Fill your fuel tank up to the top or shop online to reduce the frequency of visits or select to Pay at Pump!
  • Consciously avoid looking at the offending chocolate when you pay.
  • Avoid the petrol station/supermarket on the way home from work, when you are feeling tired and hungry. Get what you need in the morning when your resolve is much stronger!
  • Tell yourself BEFORE you go in (or into any triggering situation) that those foods are going to stop you losing weight and that 5 minutes eating it won’t feel anywhere near as rewarding as rocking your jeans at the weekend!

Simple but effective and it works! You just have to know your triggers!

So what are yours? What people, places, feelings or events trigger you to eat?

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