Kim first strength training workout from Simply Slim online

Take A Peek at the first Strength Training Workout from Simply Slim online…

I wanted to give you a little something for the weekend… It’s the first strength training workout from my 12 week FAST plan (that I am including FREE (Worth £47) in my new Simply Slim online coaching programme!

This workout is ideal for anyone who is new to, or returning to exercise, as well as anyone who is looking for a workout that will raise their metabolism so they can burn more fat in their sleep tonight!

Because we lose our metabolic (meaning calorie burning) muscle mass a lot quicker once we hit 40, strength training is an absolute must for any woman who wants to keep their daily calorie burn high and maintain a toned body that doesn’t sag… ie avoid the bingo wing phenomena that can hit us more mature beauties!

This is the beginner workout, the program gets a lot more advanced as we move on throughout the weeks and your body gets stronger and fitter!

The time is 50 seconds on and 10 off but this might be a bit full on if you’re just starting out, so you can alter the times to suit. (If you’re already exercising and you’re worried this would be too easy for you give me a shout and I’ll give you a peep at the tougher stuff ;0))

But if you’re just starting out you might want to start with 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off and play around with the timings from there.

Point is that you make a start!

Anything is a bonus and it will all be over in 20 minutes if you do the full workout!

I thought it would help to give you an idea of the sort of exercises and workouts we’d be doing on the Simply Slim programme… If you’re a woman over 40 who is struggling to lose weight, find the energy to get going or get some balance in your life then don’t miss the opportunity to join me for my first online coaching programme, especially for 40+ women who want to ditch the diets for ever and find a healthier, happier way to manage their weight…

We kick off on 19th June and spaces are limited, so if you want to join us find out more info and book your space over at

Kim first strength training workout from Simply Slim online


Kim first strength training workout from Simply Slim online

Ready to dive in and work with me? Don’t miss your chance!

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