A fresh avocado cut in half - 3 Foods that will speed up weight loss

Fat’s Where It’s At!


I had an awesome email from one of the BABEs this morning. She has lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks following the Feel Fab Formula – not unusual – but what made this so great is the complete leap of faith this lady had to make in order to do that…

You see she came to us after years at a certain slimming club, where she had been avoiding fatty foods for years, choosing margarine over butter, eating low fat yogurts and living on chicken…big mistake!

If you think cutting the fat out of your diet is the right way to lose weight, think again!

Since medical science lead us up the garden path in the 60’s telling us that saturated fats were the main cause of heart disease and should be replaced in our diets with vegetable oils and healthy ‘whole grains’, the health of those in the western world has taken a serious nose dive, with heart disease, cancer and obesity at an all time high and spinning out of control!

We NEED fat.

Cholesterol is the essential ingredient to every one of our sex hormones. Without cholesterol and fat in your diet, you will end up feeling pretty awful as your sex hormone production (essential for management of energy, metabolism and reproduction) fails and the body begins to slow down, leaving you craving carbohydrates, with low sex drive, increased weight gain and fatigue – not nice!

A diet high in protein and fats is essential for optimal health.

  • Fat provides us with energy 
  • It insulates the body (ask any eskimo!)
  • It protects our joints and keeps everything lubricated
  • Every nerve in the body has a fatty covered sheath
  • It’s vital for the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K
  • I repeat – cholesterol is the key ingredient in our sex hormones – important one this! (so if your time of the month causes you mayhem or you’re struggling with the menopause, get some fats in your diet – look out for my next blog and I’ll tell you what’s good and what’s not!)
  • 60% of the brain’s dry weight is made of lipids (fat-like substances) the brain is the fattiest organ in the body, you need fat to stay on the ball and keep your cognitive function in check!

Eliminating fats from your diet means your mental health will suffer, your hormones will become unbalanced and you will struggle to lose weight.

Now who fancies an avocado? ;0)

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