More Emotional Eating, Why You Don’t DESERVE It!

Do you ever tell yourself you DESERVE something? 

Often because you’ve had such a crap day.

A glass of wine?
A bar of chocolate?
Donuts from the boss when the pressure is on?

What is really happening here is that you are feeling rubbish, so you want to change your STATE, ie you want to stop the bad feelings and feel something nice, like your mum maybe did when you were young.

“If you stay quiet whilst I shop I’ll take you to MacDonald’s” (yes, we’ve all used it!)

You have done something you don’t like, therefore you now deserve your reward.

And that’s how it starts, getting hard wired into our heads that just because we have to do something unpleasant we are within our rights to expect a reward.

When you walk in from a bad day you’d do better to have a bath, eat some healing nutritious food and watch a good movie before an early night, not sink half a bottle of pinot that will mean the next day is crappy too!

Ultimately we eat emotionally to reward ourselves, or to mask (or numb) pain.

I have no idea why you might do it, it’s complex and no one really has a definitive answer, but here are a few things you can do to stop it…

First up, if your emotional eating is to mask real pain then you need to face it, head on. 

Talk to someone, you might find that this makes things worse at first but as you start to heal you will notice your symptoms reduce, especially if you do the next things…

Identify your triggers (see Wednesday’s email).

Have a plan; don’t expect to make healthy choices when you are feeling tired and hungry.

Eating filling meals that are high in protein and fat will reduce hunger and stabilise your blood sugar, meaning you won’t find yourself searching for something else a few hours later.

Keep your guard up – food companies spend a fortune persuading you they can change how you’re feeling with a few bites of their product – don’t be fooled! A KitKat won’t really give you a break, having a 2-minute break will!

And lastly, don’t hate, judge or berate yourself for it, it is a behaviour that you use, it’s not you, it doesn’t make you a bad person if you do it or a better one if you don’t.

You’re just you! Wonderful, fabulous and unique you!

Whatever you put in your mouth!

Have a great weekend ladies!

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