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Eat Like This To Lose Weight…

So diets don’t work, (see my ‘Starting a diet – Stop!’  video But what is the best way to eat to lose weight?

At BABEs once we have completed the initial detox we lose weight by focussing on eating a natural/primal diet like that of our ancestors.

Here’s why…

It increases your metabolism – Primal eating relies heavily on animal protein, which is anabolic (meaning it builds muscle) so will increase your muscle mass and raise your metabolism because of the extra energy required to sustain muscle.

It’s great for your gut – Primal is naturally low in man-made and processed inflammatory foods that cause stress which can lead to leaky gut (where the intestinal walls are breached and food particles end up leaking out of the digestive tract), food intolerances and digestive problems. Plus it’s high in gut healing foods such as Bone Broth and offal.

Increased Energy – This is what lead me to the Paleo diet initially, my energy levels sucked. Primal foods have a low glycemic index (GI) ie, the sugars are absorbed slowly meaning the energy crash you get after eating the more quickly absorbed sugars and refined starches isn’t a problem.

So it keeps cravings at bay.

Happier hormones – with more fat and less sugar in your diet your hormones are going to be much calmer.

All of our sex hormones are made from cholesterol so low amounts of fat in your diet are bad news for libido, PMT, energy and mood swings.

Smaller fat cells – fat cells don’t disappear when you lose weight, they shrink. Healthy fats are packed tightly in your cells so are readily available for energy, carbs get stored in water hence the puffy look from water retention when people eat a high carb processed diet.

This natural way of eating will add more muscle and less fat meaning your cells will be more insulin sensitive and compact. We like this!

Reduced Inflammation – the latest research tells us that inflammation is one of the leading factors in cardiovascular disease, mental health problems, autoimmune diseases and obesity, to name just a few!

So eating a Paleolithic diet high in anti-inflammatory foods such as veggies, herbs, pasture-raised (free range and grass fed) animal and wild fish is alllllll good!

Reduced risk of disease – because this way of eating means less inflammation, the known cause of most disease.

Weight Loss – for people eating the standard diet, even some of the cleaner ones, just increasing your fats and protein and cutting down your carbs to a small portion of starchy vegetables around workouts and at night will get your body burning fat more optimally.

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