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Eat Less and Reduce Your Appetite with our Top Tips…

So, how can you eat less and reduce your appetite?

My eating habits are not great, I am working on changing them – my main struggles are that I can eat mindlessly, I often snack and I can sometimes eat too fast.

So I’ve been working on it…

The way you eat is even more important than what you actually eat.

This is because the way you eat plays a huge role in the amount of calories you eat.

And whether you choose to track them or not (the BABEs and I don’t) eating more than you are using over time will lead to weight gain and health issues.

So it makes sense to lessen your daily intake by making a few simple adjustments that can make big changes to the amount you eat!

  • Chew food for longer
  • Choose chewier foods
  • Bulk out the stomach with water
  • Include protein based foods
  • Careful who you eat with, don’t eat with over eaters
  • Eat from smaller plates
  • Cover and remove left overs
  • Avoid buffets as they are shown to make you eat 30% more
    ****In an M&M test people ate 30% less when it was just the green ones available****

All the above are FACTs backed by science!
This stuff really does work!

My plan?

Practise the habits above, be more mindful of what I’m doing, stay in the moment and make conscious choices. Then if I want the OCCASIONAL cake or glass of wine I’ll enjoy it.

Cheers ladies!

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