Eat from these 5 Categories to Lose Weight this Winter…

If you want to try and keep a reign on your calorie consumption now the nights are longer, then one of the best rules I use is…

Soups, Salads, Shakes (protein based without fruit is best) Scrambles (eggs basically) and Stir-fries.

Making sure that most of what you eat falls under one of these healthy categories will mean you are getting great nutrition without over-consuming!

It’s a bit cold for salads at the moment, so when the temperature drops I switch to soups to fill me up.

I always have a batch of the BABEs Super Soup to hand to feed the troops when they get in from the cold.

I love it because I am a grazer, unfortunately!

I have a tendency to snack in between meals and so a bowl of this takes the edge off and gives me something to munch without too much damage.

Here are a couple of my favourites to keep you warm…

This one is a meatier option for when you need to get some protein in you and put a stop to those cravings!

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