Do This & Eat This To Feel Better Today

Hello, is it safe to come out yet???

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas – I certainly did, maybe a bit too good!!

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty rotten after over indulging for the past 2 days – it’s been great fun, but the carb come down is a killer and it’s probably left you feeling the same as me!

Fat, bloated and wanting more!!!!

And with another family lunch and NYE on the way, some action is needed!

So here is a little plan to get you back on track!

  • Have a high protein low carb breakfast – eg. Eggs, smoked salmon, maybe a turkey omelette?
  • Make up a big pan of Babes veggie soup or a massive salad with goats cheese & turkey – every time a carb craving hits you, fill up on that instead. It will fill a whole, keep your blood sugars stable and help you kill those cravings (that can go on for days after a blow out!)
  • Get yourself some Milk Thistle. It’s a great support for your liver, which I am guessing has had a battering, not just for the last two days but probably the majority of December!
  • Take a nap! Lack of sleep is probably one of the biggest contributors to weight gain and a loss of sanity! Especially if, like most women, you have spent the last month shopping, buying, wrapping, nativity or performance watching, socialising and preparing!
    So if you can take a nap, 10 minutes will recharge your batteries and give you back a little mojo!
  • Start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2018 and make a PLAN as to how you’re going to do it (more on that in my next mail!)
  • Do a workout for today – do it now before it starts all over again. If you can’t get a full workout in, either get the whole family out for a nice long walk or do the following…

16 Press Ups
16 Burpees
16 Squats
16 Mountain climbers
16 Lunges
16 Jacks
16 Bellyblasters

Time yourself to see how long it takes to complete 3 rounds, or if you’re short of time, see how many sets you can do in the allotted time, ie, 20 minutes.

It’s not going to undo 2 days of over indulgence – but every little helps and the quicker you’ll get back to normality!

Take the bull by the horns and start to feel better!

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