How to Drink & Party this Weekend Without Blowing It All…

Want to know how to have a drink and party this weekend without blowing it all?!

So now you have a few strategies you can use day to day, here’s how to limit the damage for this weekend’s Christmas parties when you do want to let you hair down…

Your best bet is Red, Organic, Bio-dynamic Wine.
Biodynamic means organic grapes and produced naturally without chemical processing too. 

If not, go for organic and avoid your bulk standard pub/house red which has sulphites to preserve the wine that can give you skin and gut issues, as well as a stinking hangover!
Waitrose have a Bio-dynamic selection at reasonable prices £6-8.

Same for white, always choose a dry one.
Top it up with soda water and make a spritzer so your drink lasts longer and you drink less!

Distilled spirits (clear ones) are the other good option, although also made of grains they are fermented or distilled so the gluten is almost eliminated – so Vodka and Gin are OK. 

BUT with soda water, NOT tonic, Coke or juices… even slimline ones!
And you just want it as it comes, not with added sugar, syrups or chemicals, AKA Alcopops.

Fresh lemon or lime with soda are best.

I love a G&T, loads of crushed ice & fresh lemon & lime, but it’s the tonic that really ramps the sugar content up, so I go 3/4s soda water and just top up with the tonic… just enough to give it the sweet taste.
You can do the same with vodka.

A Gin & Tonic contains approx. 4 teaspoons of sugar 
A Rum & Coke has 7 and
Vodka & Cranberry is 7.5!

These are for approx. 250ml mixers with 25ml of spirit, ie a pub measure (not the whoppers you might pour yourself!)

Times that by a few and you’ve blown your 6-teaspoon a day allowance… for the week!

Avoid beer (boo, my fave!) especially if you suffer from gut issues – it contains gluten and yeast. Ever had an upset stomach after a few too many beers? 
That’s your tummy saying it doesn’t like all the yeast and grains!
Corona is actually a lower gluten beer, so the best of a bad bunch, but you didn’t hear that from me OK 😉

Whatever you choose, make sure you hit the dance floor and burn as much of it off as you can!

Bottoms up ladies, enjoy those parties!

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