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Why I Don’t Like Fasting…

So, why don’t I like fasting

I get asked about fasting a lot, my answer (and the answer from several nutritionists I follow) is in most cases no!

It’s not easy going against the tide when the media pick up the latest fad diet! But to fast is not the best option for many people.

I do feel quite strongly about this though, in fact I would go so far as to say fasting isn’t suitable for 80% of my clients, who are generally fatigued and stressed out, overweight, 40+ women.

The rise of diets such as the 5:2 have helped lots of people lose weight but for many women of a certain age (40+) they simply do not have the adrenal capacity for long periods of fasting or calorie restriction.

By the time we get to 40 many of us have been through child birth (often more than once), are still in the middle of motherhood and are working whilst trying to run a home, keep the family fed, clothed & happy!

And on top of that we are all supposed to be size 8, wrinkle free, polished, waxed, dyed and looking immaculate.

It’s a full on, 24 hour a day job and by the time most of us hit the hay at night we are knackered!

Many of the women I work with, either via Babes on the Run or via my coaching programmes are suffering from anxiety, depression (mild or severe), sleep problems, fatigue, heavy or painful periods, menopausal symptoms and other stress related ailments, including excess weight.

Most of them have been restricting calories in one form or another for years and their bodies are shattered.

What their bodies need is some support, love and healing, not more stress, low fat diets or another battering on the treadmill!

They need nourishment not starvation.

Fasting can be a great tool. Calorie restriction has been shown to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, reset hormones and of course help weight loss, but all of these can also be done by eating regular meals that are high in fats, proteins and vegetables and low in carbohydrates.

If you are suffering any of the symptoms above, including struggling to lose weight my advice would be to start with the changes below before you batter your adrenals with another crash diet!

Eliminate all alcohol, sugar, chocolate and caffeine and, it goes without saying, all processed junk food.

Eat 3 meals a day, each with a good portion of fats, protein and lots of veg.

Start with a breakfast that’s high in protein & good fats. At Slim From Within we will be starting the day with at least 30gms of protein!

Any type of fasting while you are trying to heal your adrenals is going to cause an almighty crash!

Just eat simply…. Watch your portion sizes and eat the best, most natural, organic food you can find/afford.

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