Do These Simple Things To Make Next Week a Fat Loss Success!

I cannot believe it is September, can you?

Is it just me or is the world spinning faster these days? I have no idea where the time goes!
But, today signifies two BIG things to me…

1. The kids are back to school… and breath! If you’re like me you are feeling a little frazzled and ready to get back in to a routine.
2. It’s only 4 months until another year is over – see what I mean?

If you want to make the last 4 months of the year then today is a great day for a review and some planning. Focus this weekend and you’ll be ready to get back to business Monday!

  • Set yourself a goal for what you want to achieve over the next 4 months, think about what you set out to achieve this year and work from there – what is it you set out to do and what do you need to do to achieve it?
  • Get your kitchen set for success, especially if one of those goals has anything to do with losing weight – remove all the CRAP that has built up over the summer – that doesn’t mean eat it, or feed it to the kids – you are not the bin! Throw it or give it away – if it is there the temptation to eat it will be too!
  • Plan next week’s menu, including packed lunches and then do a healthy shop, ready for a batch cooking session on Sunday – I like to prep a couple of meals like my Coconut Chicken recipe, maybe a fish pie, a chilli or Bolognaise and then I roast a few chicken breasts and salmon fillets to add to lunches and make up a big bowl of salad. I also sometimes chop all my veggies up so they are on hand to just add to meals without needing any prep.
  • Next, load My Fitness Pal on to your phone and start tracking what you eat and your macros (the BABES and my SFW Ladies have been getting great results doing this)
  • Finally, get your workouts locked in – if you don’t now where to start then just keep it simple something like this little blast would be a great start… check out this quickie!

Make a start ladies!

I’ll be back soon with some top tips to get you back in the swing of project you!

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